For millions of people around our world, facing and surviving hardship has given rise to enduring tales of courage in the face of improbable odds, and to a wisdom that can only emerge from difficulty, loss and suffering. 

In this new series of stories, individuals share wisdom gained through their experiences with a view to inspiring all of us to become more resilient and able to build a better life in times of uncertainty and adversity.

We invite you to take a few moments to watch and listen, and be inspired.

CMCCF in partnership with our global contacts is launching the Wisdom of Hardship, a series of inspiring stories from those who have overcome adversity prior to the COVID 19 pandemic. The series explores the values that helped them weather profound change, and learn lessons that could potentially help others through the current crisis.

Here is the story of Omar, a young man who has lived through the chaos, violence, and strife of civil war in his home country. Omar’s story will demonstrate to us how his resilience, strength, and the words of his mother have guided his life both through his times of challenge but also his current life here in Canada. Omar shares with us how both these past experiences and his long held values of compassion and understanding for others have contributed immensely to the person he is today!
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