As a community coalition, reflecting a broad and diverse network of Manitoba cultural communities, we have deliberately shaped our organizational culture in a way that enhances our role and our impact in the community. Our culture is very much about ‘how we work with others, with respect, dignity, and seeking to hear all voices’ to […]

Community Engagement Facilitator’s Program (CEF)

Stage One The Coalition of Manitoba Cultural Communities for Families (CMCCF) is training facilitators/convenors to lead meaningful engagements within their cultural communities. The Community Engagement Facilitators/ConvenorsConveners program (CEF) was born more than a year ago from the recognition that “one of the things the coalition is doing is facilitating events and engagements in communities and […]

Formation of the CMCCF Cultural Community Child Wellbeing Roundtable

July 2020 – An idea. A concept. A dream. January 2021 – A small group of engaged and committed people from Manitoba’s diverse cultural communities start talking. A working group forms to ‘dream’ further. January to April 2021 – A concept takes shapes over regular, intentional, and convivial zoom meetings. A generous dose of creativity […]

Engaging the community is what CMCCF is all about!

10-year-plus experience now being adapted to the Covid era Engaging the community in meaningful discussions is what the Coalition of Manitoba Cultural Communities for Families has been all about for more than 10 years. Before Covid-19, most of the engagement was in person. Since the pandemic began, CMCCF has adapted and moved its engagements online. […]