Message from Florence Okwudili, Chair of CMCCF

The  Coalition of Manitoba Cultural Communities and Families Inc. is heartbroken by the discovery of the remains of Indigenous children buried under unmarked graves.   The appalling legacy of the residential school system has affected every indigenous person and community in this country causing intergenerational trauma and continued anguish.  This new discovery of mass undocumented graves is a grim confirmation of what many indigenous families have known for decades.  Children taken from parents, never to be returned and never made it back “home”.  

On behalf of our Board, our network of Communities of CMCCF, and our staff,  we offer our condolences to the Indigenous people of Canada, their families and every person who has been affected by the recent discoveries of unmarked graves.  The Indigenous people are once again forced to confront and relieve their past.  A past of horror, sadness and loneliness.    CMCCF is a representation, a network of communities and their families across the world.  Families who in one way or other, may have experienced similar cruelty as a result of institutional policies.    

CMCCF, therefore believes that we all have an obligation.  To learn that part of Canada’s History.   To teach and learn more about the Indian Residential School System.   By learning together, we hope to better appreciate the country that has become our new home.  The struggles of the people that we have met on this land. CMCCF calls for the education of all people regarding this history of Canada.  CMCCF understands and joins the rest of Canada in honouring this moment of history and hopes that a national conversation that centers on strengthening communities in a way that acknowledges past mistakes,  would lead to a way to resolve and ultimately to build a better and inclusive society where all voices must be heard.