Formation of the CMCCF Cultural Community Child Wellbeing Roundtable

July 2020 – An idea. A concept. A dream.

January 2021 – A small group of engaged and committed people from Manitoba’s diverse cultural communities start talking. A working group forms to ‘dream’ further.

January to April 2021 – A concept takes shapes over regular, intentional, and convivial zoom meetings. A generous dose of creativity and equal amounts of wisdom, honesty, and humour are at the table.

April 2021 – A plan is drawn. A DNA document is drafted and shared with the board of CMCCF. Affirmed.

June 3, 2021 – A roundtable concerned with the wellbeing of children within Manitoba’s cultural communities comes to life!

Among several, the goals of the CMCCF Cultural Communities Child Wellbeing Roundtable are a) to continue to promote the safety, security, and wellbeing of cultural communities’ children and youth and their families and b) to create a safe and accessible space and support system for cultural communities to bring forward any challenges and of course, opportunities as they pertain to improving Child and Family Services (CFS) in order to better the shared outcomes for our families and our children.

The Roundtable plans to meet eight times – virtually and in-person – between June 2021 and April 2022. Some gatherings will be for regular participants only while others will be open to the general public. Some components of the gatherings will include guests from the local community, community-based agencies, government, and its agencies. Some gatherings will include invitees from beyond our provincial borders who will join us virtually.

Stay posted. Invitations to public events will appear on the CMCCF website as will pertinent information related to the Roundtable’s work. If you wish to discuss this new ROUNDTABLE, please contact CMCCF.