As a community coalition, reflecting a broad and diverse network of Manitoba cultural communities, we have deliberately shaped our organizational culture in a way that enhances our role and our impact in the community. Our culture is very much about ‘how we work with others, with respect, dignity, and seeking to hear all voices’ to achieve our vision of a healthy community with healthy, vibrant, and stable families. Our focus is to ensure that healthy cultural communities are able and willing to seek the well-being of all.

In that regard, recently we have sought both advice and guidance from many from our broad network to hear what matters to them about where and how we can have a significant impact in their communities.

They have told us that we are impactful when we:

  • build relationships by bringing diverse communities together to engage, work, respect and understand each other;
  • highlight specific community needs by actively listening to their voices rather than assuming what their needs are;
  • connect and empower communities by focusing attention on their shared strengths, wisdom, community assets and values;
  • centre and value ‘lived and felt experience‘ of community families and their children;
  • amplify community voice(s) by building awareness, advocacy and agency of what cultural communities desire in their lives; and
  • act as a two-way ‘bridge’ between diverse service providers, all levels of government and their agencies, policymakers and new Canadians and their cultural communities.