Official Launch of our Two-Year initiative

The Coalition of Manitoba Cultural Communities for Families Inc. invites you to the formal launch of our two-year initiative financially supported by Canadian Heritage.

The upcoming event on Oct 19, 2022 from 7:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. is being held to officially launch the Coalition of Manitoba Cultural Communities for Families’ Canadian Heritage-funded project, `Intercultural and Intergenerational Diversity and Inclusion Engagement.’

It is an opportunity to share our vision and the objectives (in relation to this initiative), with our communities, partners, diverse service providers, policymakers and funders.

Please note that our Annual General (AGM) Meeting will take place from 6:00 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. on the same ZOOM link, and then from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. will be this formal launch of our new initiative. You are welcome to join us for our AGM.

CMCCF’s `‘Intercultural and Intergenerational Diversity and Inclusion Engagement.’

The objectives we would like to achieve through this project: addressing racism and discrimination in the community setting, with the key purpose of improving/enhancing the well-being of families and communities, including systems, so that inclusion, diversity, and equity outcomes in the community settings can be more sustainable and social justice for all can be achieved. This launch, in addition to providing brief highlights of our implementation plan going forward, will also seek the input and expertise of our partners and collaborators, many of whom are members and interest groups from a range of cultural communities, service providers, and policymakers.

From cultural community perspectives, we would like to situate the panel discussion by looking at contexts and issues relevant to Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (J.E.D.I.).

JEDI both internally- to examine relationships within and among different cultural communities; and externally- in relation to community interactions with external stakeholders such as service providers, community and government organizations, etc.

Based on the lived and living experience of our panel members, and the change-making work they do in the community, how do they imagine the changes in the community if J.E.D.I. opportunities and challenges are addressed? What would these outcomes be, and how would your community change as a result? What successes are they proud of and wish to build on?

What actions would need to be taken, and any measures that they can propose that might help community members and leaders to actively engage with this J.E.D.I. process, and build their capacities so they may lead others yet to be developed initiatives or contribute to them?

Join us as we engage in a lively dialogue with our panellists who are passionate about social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. Come and share your thoughts and ideas as we launch this new project!

Our Panel Members:

Louise Simbandumwe is Co-Director at SEED Winnipeg and a grassroots community activist. A former refugee, Louise is passionate about human rights and social justice.

Her volunteer commitments include the Immigration Partnership Winnipeg Council, the Immigration Matters in Canada Coalition and the Police Accountability Coalition. She also served on the advisory committee for Manitoba’s poverty reduction strategy and the Ministerial advisory committee for Canada’s first poverty reduction strategy. Louise has a Bachelor’s in Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan and a Masters in Comparative Social Research from Oxford University.

She has developed and taught innovative courses on financial empowerment, community economic development, and human rights advocacy at the University of Winnipeg.


Sanjam Panag is a first-generation Punjabi settler living on Treaty 1 territory. She graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 2021 with a BA in Conflict Resolution Studies and Political Science.

Sanjam is dedicated to advocating for conditions that foster inclusivity and equity and forging transformative solutions to multi-dimensional conflicts.

A co-founder of the Collective of Voices, Sanjam is actively involved in the community on topics of reconciliation and allyship. She also has experience working in political settings, having worked at a Senator’s office, Ministers’ Regional Offices, and the Manitoba Legislative Assembly.

Hoping to pursue a career in law, Sanjam is currently a Senior Research Assistant for the University of Winnipeg and completing the law school admissions process.


Yuly Vanessa Johnson is the Research and Data Coordinator at Manitoba Association for Newcomer Serving Organizations (MANSO). Yuly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Booth University.

As a former refugee, she places refugees and their lived experiences at the centre of her advocacy work, she continues to push policy, program development, service delivery, and decision-making processes to ensure refugees can actively participate and influence the outcome of their hopes and aspirations.

Therefore, Yuly believes strongly in the power of justice, equality, advocacy, and empowerment.

Yuly has volunteered in several non-profit organizations in the settlement sector with immigrants and refugees in Winnipeg. In addition to that, Yuly has led different projects, such as women empowerment groups, ethnocultural dance groups, and English conversation clubs, in both Winnipeg – Canada, and back home, Buenaventura – Colombia


Ismael Ibrahim Mukhtar has been one of the key leaders of the Manitoba Muslim community for over three decades. His extensive and wide-ranging community contributions include serving as president of the Manitoba Islamic Association, vice-president of the Muslim Student Association, editor-in-chief of the Manitoba Muslim Magazine, volunteer imam, and counsellor.

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