Event brings together community members, service providers, and policy makers

This event was developed to bring together community members, service providers, and policy makers in the first of a series of mutual learning sessions to get to know each other better, to explore and share values and to strive to find ways to work together in a mutually respectful manner.

Feedback from the evaluation undertaken at the end of the event clearly showed that overwhelmingly all who participated felt that the event was beneficial and met their expectations. Participants also strongly agreed that the activities undertaken that evening were enjoyable and enlightening and provided everyone with excellent learning opportunities. Many of the participants also reported that there were things that they had learned in the session that they now felt that they could now apply in either their personal and/or work life. There was also strong direction from those in attendance that they would be interested in participating in additional events.

Individual participants also noted the following:

  • “The communities and service providers need to work together”
  • “I have a lot to learn as a service provider”
  • “There are a lot of communities that want to share their values”
  • “Look at our strengths not just the needs”
  • “There is a shared mindset when there is open communication”
  • “The Values exercise helped to join different voices together”

Learn more about the event http://www.cmccfamilies.ca/?page_id=881