Community Asset Mapping

Community-specific learning events, where cultural communities have identified their interest
in gaining the skills, knowledge and tools to map their community assets, core values and
aspirations for the future. This results in a deeper understanding of community well-being and
the actions communities can take together to achieve their goals and co-create their desired

The Origins of the Community Asset Mapping Initiative 

Martin Itzkow, Executive Director of the CMCCF, developed Community Asset Mapping with
Steven Feldgaier, CMCCF’s Community Engagement and Allies Facilitator. Their goal was to
encourage communities to successfully adapt to the unexpected by knowing and using their
own ‘assets’ – strengths, gifts, capacities, experience and skills. By coming together to ‘map’
these assets along with any gaps or challenges, the community can have meaningful discussions
about their current situation and their desired future. Community members can then decide on
action steps to move forward together.

“When communities can come together to better understand their strengths, challenges and
desired futures, not only does each community benefit but we all can learn from each other
and collectively benefit as well.”  -Steven Feldgaier

Impacts of Community Asset Mapping:
• Greater understanding of a community’s strengths, skills and gifts
• Increased sense of belonging
• Increased confidence and belief that everyone’s voice matters
• Stronger relationships, built on understanding and respect
• Clearer understanding of the value of lived experience and ways to amplify this

Read more about recent Community Asset Mapping projects:
Community Mapping in Action: 3 Communities that Overcame Divisions & Challenges through Shared Values & Open Dialogue

If your community would like to participate in CMCCF’s initiative and map your community
assets, core values and hopes for the future please contact Martin Itzkow, 204-941-9414 or

Please note: The Covid-19 pandemic has temporarily stopped in-person gatherings. We are
adapting to virtual platforms and hope to be able to meet again in person soon.