Communities & Connections

The CMCCF is committed to building connections on many different levels: within specific
communities, between different cultural communities within Manitoba, between cultural
communities and service providers/policy makers, between communities in different parts of
Canada and throughout the world.
Impacts of our community connection work:

• Better understanding of specific needs of cultural communities and how best to meet
those needs
• Increased sense of agency within and across communities – people feel more
empowered to advocate for issues that matter to them
• Deeper relationships, based on mutual respect and understanding
• Increased learning opportunities for communities and service providers

Connecting Communities with Service Providers 

Working with local service providers and developing a community of allies who understand the
differing needs and values of cultural communities is key to creating and sustaining healthy
communities and families. An important part of CMCCF’s work is therefore to organize and

facilitate dialogues between community groups, service providers and policy makers to improve
how human services are designed and provided to communities. Read more about a recent community dialogue we facilitated.

Community Dialogues in Action: Aligning cultural community voices with CMCCF allies and their initiatives

Connecting Youth for a Discussion on Mental Health

Watch the video below of a recent youth panel discussion on mental health.

This is the panel of young folks that we formed to present opinions, ideas, challenges and possibilities after our AGM in November 2020. The focus was to discuss current and future approaches to strengthen supports for cultural community youth striving to attain their wellbeing and mental health in times of COVID and disruption.