Our Board of Directors

  • Florence Okwudili, Chair
  • Kedeen Cummings, Co-Chair
  • Kathleen Vyraeun, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Eriqueson Tayo- Jones
  • Dr. Berhanu Balcha
  • Inna Ganda
  • Simret Daniel
  • Dr. Mengistu Assefa

Committee reporting to board:

  • Community Research Advisory Group on Community Well-being

Our Staff

  • Executive Director – Martin Itzkow, FRSA – martinitzcan@gmail.com
  • Community Engagement and Allies Facilitator – Steven Feldgaier, Ph.D steven.feldgaier@mymts.net
  • Coordinator, Research and Community Planning – Maryam Rahimi BSW
  • Coordinator, Community Engagement Facilitation – Mihiret Kumbi

Our Allies

As a community coalition, we have a strong and active belief that we will be better able to achieve our vision of “Healthy Families, Healthy Communities” by ensuring we have a robust and evolving network of supporters and resource people who will enhance and strengthen our approaches to community capacity building and community action.

Our goal for our allies (both organizations and individuals) is to join us on our developmental journey by assisting us through their willingness to contribute and share their ideas, networks, energy, skills, knowledge and expertise.

Our interest is to continue to develop and grow this “Community of Allies” as we go forward. As the allies share with us, we believe that we will contribute to meeting their community engagement and navigation opportunities. They may both acquire and test their cultural community knowledge with our members with humility, respect and dignity. This will be within the context of mutual safety and shared spaces. 

Our allies will have opportunities to:

  • Be invited to develop specific networks of cultural communities with the guidance of community navigators, who will become your valued teachers and mentors
  • Learn and be invited to engage with cultural communities in the ways in which they wish to share their “lived experience” and family knowledge, through their specific community context and lens
  • Develop service and or policy insights and acumen to be nonjudgmental, by respecting cultural experiences and wisdom
  • Value interactions with families, by becoming more culturally curious and humble, knowing that families are the “experts” who will also become trusted friends 

Interested in becoming a CMCCF ally or contributing in another way? Get in touch with us – we’re always happy to chat!

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