CMCCF Master List of Learning Events, Initiatives, Programs, Research, and Community Engagements


  • Cultural Community and Allies Working Group formed regarding Intimate Partner Violence;
  • South-East Asian Muslim Wellbeing and Health Community Planning;
  • Establishment of a new Cultural Communities Child Wellbeing Roundtable;
  • CMCCF – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy Development;
  •  Planning Post-Covid19 CMCCF plan of Action; Strategies: All Voices Matter; Co-Created Community Services; and Getting Back to the Basics;
  • CMCCF – focus on enhancing current technology infrastructure, including refreshing the website, developing new content, and the expansion of the CMCCF- CRM technology backbone;
  • CMCCF – strategic messaging purpose development;
  • Partnership between the General Child and Family Services, Winnipeg Child and Family Services and CMCCF – Needs Assessment focused on the practices with diverse families and children;
  • Youth Mental Health Engagement – Pre-test regarding the model of engagement for “Giving Voice to Values” methodology for youth health and wellbeing exploration; (Funded by The Winnipeg Suicide Prevention Network)
  • CMCCF – cultural community “Taking the Temperature” of cultural communities in preparation for post-Covid19 “restoration” and or “recovery” strategies – interventions;
  • CMCCF in partnership with CMU, is supporting a senior year student practicum to carry on the research and implementation of cultural communities “taking the temperature” action research initiative;


  • Community to Community Workshop: “Giving Voice to Culture and Values: Building A Cohesive Coalition by Sharing Values and Visions”;
  • Community Membership Meeting: Special Guest: Daphne Penrose, “The Children’s Advocate”
  • Community Membership Meeting: Annual Celebration and Special Guest: Ray Karasevich, President of MITT *Cultural Communities Education and Training for their children;
  • Community Membership Meeting: Meeting with the Department of Families Executive Team
  • CMCCF Presentation: WRHA, Public Health Nurses;
  • CMCCF Presentation: Presentation to the “Families in Canada Conference sponsored by the University of Manitoba and the Vanier Institute, Topic: “Inclusion is not Enough; Cultural Communities Engaging Systems”
  • Introductory Planning Sessions (3) to CMCCF Network: Community Asset Mapping Café, Gap and Needs Analysis;
  • Community Asset Mapping Cafés, Gap and Needs Analysis: Ethiopian Communities through Excel Family Resources; S.E. Asian Muslim Community and Filipino Community;
  • CMCCF-CFS Child Welfare Community presentations:
  • Muslim Communities;
  • Sudanese Community;
  • Rwandan Community;
  • Filipino Community;
  • Nigerian Community;
  • CMCCF Panel Discussion: “Bridging to the Future 2030”, three youth leaders discussing 10 years into the future;
  • CMCCF Learning Event Bringing Together Community Members, Service Providers, and Policy Makers; 
  • CMCCF hosts Sarah Kirby from the Centre for Healthcare Innovation Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS) input to strategic policy directions regarding community involvement and engagement;
  • Partnership with Canadian Mental Health Association commissioned to conduct literature review and multiple surveys and engagements with mental health staff, service providers and communities regarding the need for new resources that might better inform new Canadians regarding mental health promotion and wellbeing, mental illness and family supports;
  • CMCCF Board of Directors established the Research Advisory Council (RAC) on Community Driven Wellbeing Initiatives to provide guidance, support, and expertise relevant to the various initiatives undertaken by the Coalition;
  • CMCCF sponsors and establishes an international project with partners from Europe, North America and Asia launched the Wisdom of Hardship, a series of inspiring stories from those who have overcome adversity prior to the COVID 19 pandemic. The series explores the values that helped them weather profound change and learn lessons that could potentially help others through the current crisis;
  • Youth mental health partnership project between CMCCF (North America) and 4Better2Morrow (4B2M) (Europe) to create safe spaces through collaborative technologies, to engage youth from immigrant or refugee experiences, to learn from each other about their resilience and wellbeing strategies for their future;
  • CMCCF sponsors an international webinar during World Values Day to explore the stories we have collected and their meaning to individuals from many continents; 
  • CMCCF Annual General Meeting and youth panel presentation on mental health, wellbeing and resilience from a cross-cultural perspective and within the time of Covid19 and Disruption;