A message from our board chair Florence Okwudili

I hope we are all okay and doing well in spirit and in body.  These uncertain times dealing with COVID-19 call for our inner strength and  purpose to be tested.  It is a strange time for us all.  No one saw it coming.  But just like all tragedies, it is often sudden and without warnings.  I am aware that some of us have lived through greater tragedies and have come out of it.  I am also aware that for many, this is just like in the movies and we are part of the cast.  The question, how will this story end?  As we are living our lives, there are people dying.  It is no longer far away Africa or China.  It is right close to us and the thought and the fear makes us just want to curl up and hide.  But as Actors, we pull ourselves together.  Just like those who have endured such hardships before, we put on hope and inner will that comes from who we are and what we have been preaching.  We become resilient.  We think of those who have endured such life altering situations in their lives and survived it.  We learn from them, the wisdom that lies beneath.  My prayer is that we should remind ourselves that Just like other pandemics have come and gone, this too shall pass.  One way to do this is to share stories of people who have had similar experiences and survived it.  I like the idea of sharing stories.  My hope is that the stories will help to give people hope and keep us doing what we are suppose to be doing knowing that we shall soon see the light again.

The Coalition of Manitoba Cultural Communities for Families Inc. (CMCCF) is a diverse network of individuals united to promote the well-being of Manitoba’s cultural communities. With roots in a multitude of communities, our coalition has come together to contribute to supporting and sustaining the flourishing of cultural communities and the health of their families. The Coalition is dedicated to building relationships that are built on principles of trust, respect, and dignity for all.

The CMCCF network supports this purpose by:

  • Providing mutual learning opportunities to share knowledge, experience and wisdom;
  • Working in co-partnership with human service systems to enhance their responsiveness to cultural communities;
  • Facilitating cultural communities in navigating these complex systems;
  • Fostering broad awareness of the value that Manitoba’s diverse cultural communities bring to our province.