We support, empower and amplify cultural community voices through ‘excellence in

For us, ‘excellence in engagement’ is based on the fundamental principle that in all cultural
community engagements, everyone should be heard, respected and involved.
We put this principle into action in various ways, including:

  • Providing opportunities for community members to be directly involved in all stages of engagements, from planning and organizing to collecting and analyzing what we learn
  • Training community members to serve as both virtual and in-person facilitators 
  • Using a range of tools and technologies in carrying out engagements to enable wide   participation

From small community engagements to larger gatherings with service providers, policy makers
and other stakeholders, the CMCCF is continually evolving to ensure our activities are relevant,
meaningful and driven by community interests.

Are you interested in community engagement work? We’d love to hear from you! Find out more
about the ways you can contribute on our Get Involved page!

Community Asset Mapping

Engagements where members of a specific community come together to map their community assets, core values and aspirations in order to move towards common goals and co-create their desired future.  Read More

Community Storytelling

A global community partnership, “The Wisdom of Hardship” is a space for people to share
wisdom gained through their experiences, with a view to inspiring resilience, optimism, faith
and hope, even in difficult times. Read More

Community Connection

We connect community members with service providers and policy makers through facilitated
dialogue sessions. We explore shared values, challenges and avenues to working together with increased understanding and mutual support. We also connect communities within Manitoba, Canada and globally to build relationships and centre lived experiences. Read More