Building Bridges Project

The Building Bridges: Traditional Cultural Wisdom for Community Peace project will bring together
cultural communities to participate in roundtable discussions focused on exploring traditional cultural
systems for building peaceful communities.

Community members from varied backgrounds will have the opportunity to share traditional models for peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

By using traditional cultural systems for peacebuilding, CMCCF aims to uncover the underlying causes of social conflicts, community violence, racism, and discrimination.

The project will help communities develop strategies to address these issues both within cultural
communities and the larger community of Manitoba.

The project activities will include: a cultural community reference group; a partner leadership roundtable; a cultural communities and families roundtable; cultural communities, service providers and policymakers’ forum; youth leadership and community peacebuilding facilitator training; development of creative communication products featuring community storytellers’ messages on peacebuilding; outreach to build partnerships and expand their network across Canada.

Project Background

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