Coalition of manitoba cultural communities for families
Coalition of manitoba cultural communities for families
A diverse, collaborative network of individuals and community-based organizations united to promote the well-being of Manitoba cultural communities.

Welcome to the CMCCF

Building relationships of trust.

Strengthening cultural communities and amplifying diverse voices through the lens of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (J.E.D.I.).


Learn about our new initiative focused on diversity and inclusion and tell us what J.E.D.I. means to you.


Our roundtables play a valuable role in offering us a window into community health and experience.


Our new program helps create and train facilitators to contribute to the health of their communities.

Community Needs

All Voices Do Matter

We believe that everyone should be welcomed, heard, respected and involved.…

Child Well-Being

We collaborate to promote the safety, security and well-being of children.…

Addressing Family Violence

We bring together allies and cultural communities to address family violence.…

Cultural Community Well-Being

We bring together cultural communities to develop tools and engagement approaches.…

Facilitate Own Engagements

We build capacity among communities and individuals to facilitate their engagements.…

Youth Mental Health and Well-Being

We create spaces for youth to engage and support other youth.…

Deliberate Engagements

We bring together cultural communities and diverse service providers or policymakers.…

Relevant and Timely Data

We work with others to assemble data to understand community challenges.…

Our Funders

Projects & Activities

These are some of the projects and activities we are involved in.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (J.E.D.I.)
Engaging Communities through Dialogue

Current and Past Events

Our New Two-Year Initiative
19 Oct - 16 Oct 12:00 pm at various


We listen to and share community voices, both local and global, in many different ways, including through in-person engagements, videos, blog posts, articles, special storytelling projects, and social media. 

Visit the J.E.D.I. Initiative page to find out more about some of our current storytelling projects or join us on social media or at an upcoming event. We’re excited to meet you and hear your story. 

Engage your


Discover how you can contribute to a healthier community. 


Our People.

From our Board of Directors and staff members to our community volunteers… 

Adey Mohamed


Tony Reid


Building Bridges: Traditional Cultural Wisdom For Community Peace Project

The Building Bridges: Traditional Cultural Wisdom For Community Peace project will bring together cultural communities to participate in roundtable discussions focused on exploring traditional cultural systems for building peaceful communities. 

Peace and Safety Roundtable

Creating safe spaces to discuss community peace building.

Youth Peace Ambassador Program

Increasing meaningful youth involvement as future leaders.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (J.E.D.I.)

Our new two-year initiative – Intercultural and Intergenerational Diversity and Inclusion Engagement Project – addresses racism, discrimination, and barriers to inclusion by systemically building an ever-expanding circle of participation, support, and relationships of trust. 

Valuing All Voices

Through community engagements, listening, conversations.

Youth Leadership

Increasing meaningful youth involvement so they become leaders.


BLOG Stories, Events, Activities