J.E.D.I. Initiative

The Intergenerational and Intercultural Diversity and Inclusion Engagement Project is a two-year federally funded initiative (July 2022 through March 2024) designed to help members from various cultural communities in Manitoba have their voices be heard through engagements, events, and storytelling that are socially, culturally, and psychologically safe.

These community engagements are designed to give community members the opportunity to influence change, and connect with other community members and policy makers to help address issues related to social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (J.E.D.I.).

See all the activities, engagements, and projects we are currently organizing below, and click through to read more about each area. We’ll be adding more content here over the coming months.

Read about our Vision and Framework for this J.E.D.I. Initiative as well as our Project Launch and feedback. 

Read a Series of Blog Posts written by Alka Kumar, as she explores what J.E.D.I. means to her and the community.

Our Storytelling Project features interviews with community members talking about their experiences of J.E.D.I. in Canada.

Learn about our new Engaging Communities through Dialogue training program that trains facilitators to contribute to community well-being. 

Our Mutual Learning Events explore what J.E.D.I. and related terms mean to community members, using tools such as panel discussions and dialogue.

Read about our Cultural Community Planning engagements and their positive impacts for communities. 

Learn how our Listening Sessions bring cultural communities, policy makers, and service providers together for the well-being of all. 

Our Community Writers Project helps highlight and amplify voices from cultural communities and the issues that matter most. 

Our J.E.D.I. Initiative, the Intercultural and Intergenerational Diversity and Inclusion Engagement Project, is funded by: