Child Well-Being

We collaborate to promote the safety, security and well-being of children.

After 11 years of collaborating with the General Child and Family Services Authority (GA) and Winnipeg Child and Family Services, we know that the child welfare system is not necessarily resourced nor experienced to engage cultural communities, hear the diverse community voices, and to co-create opportunities for cultural communities to participate in supporting their children while in care.

CMCCF has recently partnered with the General Child and Families Services Authority and Winnipeg Child and Family Services to facilitate a survey and an engagement with frontline staff regarding their strengths and needs to engage cultural communities and provide better services to diverse families and their children.

Before this project team was formed we decided to form a working group with members of cultural communities to develop and articulate the model for a cultural community Roundtable regarding child wellbeing.

This Roundtable is tasked by the CMCCF to:

  • promote the safety, security, and wellbeing of cultural communities’ children and youth and their families;
  • create a safe and accessible space and support system for cultural communities to bring forward any challenges and, of course, opportunities as they pertain to improving Child and Family Services (CFS).

We know that child welfare continues to be a “lightening rod” for cultural communities based on their need to be able to navigate these systems, receive relevant parenting information in their specific cultural and faith context, and reduce the fear and misunderstanding of how the system functions.