Deliberate Engagements

We bring together cultural communities and diverse service providers or policymakers.


Our aim in cultural community engagements is to amplify people’s voices so that they feel understood and heard. To achieve this aim, we strive to establish the underlying conditions for all voices to be heard by policymakers and diverse service providers. Our role, therefore, is to bring all of these parties together in mutual learning forums on many important community topics and challenges.

These are important tools of engagement where communities have the opportunity to describe their core values, their needs, their challenges and, more importantly, their strengths, assets, and valuable “lived and felt” life experiences.

Prior to the pandemic we began a series of these type of engagements, and were at the very beginning of mutual learning between all parties. Due to Covid and the new realities it has brought, we are adjusting our approach to address deliberate engagements.

We plan on creating a range of new opportunities, including Roundtables, where communities can establish their own agendas for change. Working with cultural communities, we will invite selected service providers and policymakers to hear the voices of community, and to seek ways for mutual learning, shared vision and ownership of how services, policies, and new practices can be co-created.

This process will assist all parties in learning how to navigate and positively impact each other’s perspectives of the challenges faced in order to support community needs.