Engaging Communities through Dialogue

A four-part series of training sessions in Community Facilitation and Convening

Community Engagement… What is it? How do we get it… or, if we already have it, how can we use it effectively to build the kind of community we want, both now and in the future?

About the Program

The CMCCF’s mission is to support, empower and amplify community voices through “excellence in engagement.” For the CMCCF,  “excellence in engagement” is based on the fundamental principle that in all cultural community engagements, everyone should be heard, respected and involved. Through facilitated engagement and dialogue, cultural communities have the opportunity to share their lived experience and work together to bring about change and strengthen community capacity and wellbeing.

To enable “excellence in engagement,” CMCCF is offering a series of facilitation workshops to provide both the framework and opportunity for skill development that effective facilitation requires.

The objectives of the program will enable participants to gain/demonstrate the following:

  • knowledge of concepts and framework for facilitation
  • communication skills in facilitating group conversations
  • their ability to determine objectives of their sessions and build appropriate agendas
  • their ability to select and use appropriate facilitation tools
  • their ability to use their skills and tools in a virtual or face to face setting
  • skills in managing group dynamics and conflict should it arise

These topics will be covered in a combination of face -to-face and virtual sessions, depending on the needs and preferences of the groups.

Our initial offering will begin with a half-day introductory session in mid-December and three, two-hour weekly sessions commencing in early January.

We look forward to your involvement!

Get in touch with us if you are wishing to enhance your facilitation skills in support of bringing about change in your community as well as having the opportunity to practice these skills in future CMCCF engagement events. 

Read our blog post to find out more about some of the participants in our first cohort in our program.

Our J.E.D.I. Initiative, the Intercultural and Intergenerational Diversity and Inclusion Engagement Project, is funded by: