Cultural Community Well-Being

We bring together cultural communities to develop tools and engagement approaches.


We have identified the need to bring together cultural communities to develop and/or adapt their own tools and engagement approaches to measure community wellbeing and health. We are initially testing these approaches with one community, the South-East Asian Muslim community.

Addressing this need has become more complex as we are now facing the difficulties communities were facing before Covid, as well as different challenges brought about or exacerbated by Covid.

Anecdotally, we have heard that many cultural communities have faced a number of unmet needs, faced difficulties in accessing health and other services, and in general may exit Covid in ways which may be very problematic from a community perspective.

As a starting point, we will work with this one cultural community, and there are a number of academics and researchers who will be involved in this process. Also, we are linked to a number of networks who have expertise in this area that we will be tapping into for advice, guidance and access to relevant resources. We believe that this is a need and a project which will require other in-kind and financial resources as we go forward.