Florence Okwudili

Board Chair

Florence Okwudili is a community leader and active member of the African community, who currently serves as Board Chair for the CMCCF. As an Immigrant who arrived in Canada with her family, Florence’s lived experiences spurred her into looking at ways of ensuring that cultural communities and their families become co-creators of solutions to issues that affect them.  

In addition to her work with the CMCCF, Florence also actively pursues her passions in the areas of women’s rights, community building, youth participation and general welfare of Immigrant families. She is the Coordinator for the Folklorama Africa Pavilion, a position she has maintained for over 10 years, and is the former Co-Chair of the Institute for International Women’s Right-Manitoba. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Policy and Administration from Nigeria and a Bachelor of Arts in International Development Studies from the University of Winnipeg.